All future plans will be done quarterly
✪ Q1 -Website -Socials -Discord -Telegram -Whitepaper -Medium -Private Investor Party -Contact Info -Contract Dev & Audit Decided -Pink Sale Chosen for Launchpad -Logos & Graphics Designed -Hire Social Media Manager -Hire Twitter Marketer -Decide on Marketing Ads & Campaigns ✪ Q2 -NFT Marketplace being coded -NFT Staking being coded -Gambling Licenses -Paid Sports Books -Paid Custom Poker Tournaments -Build Partnerships & Backers -Setting up AMA's -Doxxed Video -Casino Website being coded -Marketing Ads and Campaigns -Pangs Merch -Gambling Merch ✪ Q3 -Gambling Licenses Comes Back -Casino Goes Live -Build More Partnerships & Backers -Expos and Live Events -NFT Minting Site Launched -NFT Staking Dashboard Ready -More AMA's -More marketing Ads and Campaigns ✪ Q4 -Public Presale -NFT Staking Started -PANGS Token Staking -CMC Listed -CG Listed -Mystery Exchange Listed -Dex Listing -VR Development -More Marketing Ads and Campaigns -Brick and Morter Casino -Malta License -Hire Employees -Create Jobs -Donations to Wildlife