💡5 Year Plan

Partnership (DTC Group) Largest and most ambitious marketing agency which provides one-stop-service marketing for Crypto Currency & NFT projects. (https://linktr.ee/dtcgroup) (https://t.me/mrb_dtcgroup) -Advisory / Consultant -Blockchain / DAPP / Smart Contracts / Tokenomics Development -Fund Raisings / Voice Chat Connections -Partnership Connections -Audits Connections -Full Marketing Program / Social Medias / Campaigns / Influencers -All IDO / Launchpad Connections -All IEO / Exchanges Connections -Media Articles -Banner ADS -Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko Listing / Trending / Upvotes -Website / Trailers / Graphic Developments -Shilling / Moderators / Sales Team -Crypto Expos / Events Organizing / Booth Set Up Chinese Marketing: -(https://t.me/cryptoballsy) Spanish Marketing: -(https://t.me/Keplergroup) Turkish Marketing: -Crypto Pyramid supports learning, vetting, investment, and participation in early-stage of projects. Our team consists of a group who are working cooperatively. We have a project researcher, analyzer, marketer, and many more sub-workers. (https://t.me/salih_oguz) -Finding the best marketing options for Turkish marketing, creating the plan, and executing it -Traditional Media Marketing -CEX Listings with Discounted Prices -AMA services with the community -Creating KOL agreements Turkish community, creation, growth, and management -Any kind of cypto-related services Press Release: -Tears (https://t.me/TearsDefi) -Devashish (https://t.me/DevPRW) -BrainSick (https://t.me/brainsick_dude) -Carter (Press release to 450+sites (YahooFinance, Benzinga, MarketWatch, etc) (https://t.me/CarterVa12) -Josh (https://t.me/Josh012345) Telegram & Discord Management: -BrainSick (https://t.me/brainsick_dude) Jo (https://t.me/cryptoballsyjo) -Tears (https://t.me/TearsDefi) Tier1ne (https://t.me/tier1ne) AMA Groups & Call Channels: -Gollums Gems (https://t.me/gollumsgems) -Whale Coin Talk (https://t.me/whalecointalk) -Anti Ruggers United (https://t.me/+iNmhFvBsNgA2OTMx) -HCalls (https://t.me/Hcalls) -DC Global (https://t.me/dcglobalofficial) -Phoenix Holdings (https://t.me/phoenixholdings) -The Sers (SIG) (https://t.me/TheSers) -The Solitaire Prestige (https://t.me/TheSolitairePrestige) -Saiyan Signals (https://t.me/SaiyanSignals) -The Future Lounge (https://t.me/+EWzz-2QMrDVkMDgx) -Shill Seals (https://t.me/ShillSeals) -USA Crypto Group (https://t.me/usacryptogroup) -The Crypto Hideout (https://t.me/TheCryptoHideout) -The Money Spark (https://linktr.ee/themoneyspark) -Z Launch (https://t.me/ZLaunchBotOfficialChat) -Cheesus Lounge (https://t.me/Cheesus_Lounge) -Game of Tokens (https://t.me/GameOfTokens_BSC) -Ninja Lounge (https://t.me/ninjalounge) -Tiny Tina Calls (https://t.me/TinyTinaCalls) -Bruiser Calls (https://t.me/bruiserscalls) -Apeology (https://t.me/Apeology) -Crypto Frogs (https://t.me/JoinCryptoFrogsGems) -Scavenger Calls (https://t.me/ScavengerCalls) ADS on SUSBOT: -Ads on SUSBOT are viewed by 60k+ users and are visible in more than 250 private groups. The ads are also pinned in the SUS calls channels for BSC and ETH. Links (https://t.me/SusScanbot), (https://t.me/SU5calls), (https://t.me/SUSCALLSETH), (https://t.me/heisenman) GemPad Partnership KYC+ Dex Listing (https://www.dextools.io/app/) -Ads on website Audits -(https://gem-pad.gitbook.io/the-gempad/guide-for-project-owners/audit) Streamers: -Offering various streamers with massive viewers deals for them to advertise our slot while live streaming. Some of the top gambling streamers have an average of two thousand viewers at once to one hundred thousand viewers

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